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A letter to Mister Covid... We can handle you (again!) this summer || Reading Time - 3 minutes ||

Mr. Covid.

How long you have been our uninvited guest.

We waved you 'goodbye' for the first time in May 2020.

But you missed our spot and we were obliged to welcome you again November 2020.

After you, our doors had to close, but last May 21, 2021, we waved you, a little gently, 'goodbye' again.

But honestly? You are still there, in the minds of us as entrepreneurs, but also in the minds of our guests.

Where a person simply loves security and freedom, you do not care about that.

But is it crazy to say that we are also thankful to you? Thankful that we were obliged to 'stand still'? Although this inactivity turned into movement for us, movement to bring forward the renovation of our buildings, apartments and garden. A little extra enjoyment together as a family, even though it was quite boring because of course everything around was closed because of you. But because of you Mr. Covid, we got a little support from the Austrian government. And this was enough to keep our heads above water as starting entrepreneurs in Austria and to invest with the help of our relatives and business relations. Because everyone has faith that there is also a time after you Mr. Covid.

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and do you know what Mr. Covid?

We can handle you (again!) this summer. Because in Austria you can have a great holiday, especially in the beautiful mountain village of Mallnitz, Carinthia. Away from the crowds, the mountains for you alone.

Yes you have (unfortunately) ensured that this year our guests needs to be:

- negatively tested (or provide a test appointment in the first 24-hours after arrival in Austria)

- positively recovered (official proof that they have beaten you)

- voluntarily vaccinated (first vaccination older than 22 days, written ENG/D)

if they want to enter Austria.

But Austria is so welcoming all tourists from almost all countries that anyone can get tested here for FREE! A test can be done in our village, or a close-by village and is valid for 48 hours.

Children under 12 are "free" and do not need testing / recovered / vaccinated.

A visit to a hotel/restaurant/cafe can be done without reservation and kind of spontaneously as long as you register once you are inside.

A self-test can also be done by our guests and can be validated online, so plenty of opportunities for a holiday where we will notice just a little of you Mr. Covid.

Yes you are still present in Austria, the world. But the chances of infection here are low. That is why we as hosts make an extra appeal to the self-responsibility of our guests. But after 7 months of having our doors closed, we welcome everyone with extra open arms.

You have recently shown and proven that the news regarding your strength can vary from day to day. Therefore, the reins are loosened a little more or suddenly tightened. But today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. Nothing is certain, not for anyone. But because of you I have learned that within the impossibilities, there are always possibilities.

Therefore, I hope that all our guests and the guests of all our colleagues in Mallnitz, Carinthia, Austria or anywhere else in the world will dare to embark on a first responsible 'journey' with you.

Finally, I ask you, Mr. Covid, the question I NEVER ask my guests: 'Do you want to leave and just not come back?'

It will give us all the room for all the guests who do want to have their holidays in and around our gem Mallnbach Apartments...


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